Womanizer Pro40

When I first heard about the Womanizer product line it was through an article claiming that even women who had never orgasmed before were having orgasms using Womanizer’s clitoral stimulators. Initially I thought, “Wow, great marketing”, but of course I was curious about them. Turns out they use suction instead of the vibration method most female sex toys rely upon. This is supposed to simulate oral sex and reduce overstimulation of the clit that can occur from a regular vibe. I had to try one. It did not disappoint.

Being an incredibly multi-orgasmic woman, I was curious if friends of mine would share my new love affair with the Womanizer. I started giving them out as gifts. I almost immediately got texts confirming that it was not just me. These things are awesome! The Womanizer can be used in water, are easy to clean and use a USB charger, which is always better for me than batteries. It’s easy to understand why they top my favorite things list.

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The Womanizer 2GO

When my friend told me the Womanizer was making a travel version, I had to have one. The company was nice enough to send me this Womanizer 2Go in a sleek black version, which looks like a lipstick, but is much larger. While this isn’t going to get through TSA in your makeup bag, it’ll certainly be less conspicuous than your typical rabbit vibe. Plus, it’s made to travel, unlike the rabbit I had to retire when it didn’t survive the trip to Hawaii with me. For regular use, I prefer the handle on the Womanizer Pro series, but that’s a personal preference, and otherwise it’s just as fantastic as the rest of their line. It’s hard to fault such fun packaging, especially when it can give you delicious quivering orgasms.

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Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture Proof Blanket

The Liberator Fascinator Throw was gifted to me by a lover. Truly one of the best gifts ever. He had heard of it through a podcast and knew I needed to own one. Really, we all should have one of these handy blankets that leaves nobody having to sleep in the wet spot. One side is soft and more blanket-like, and the other slick (see pic above). Place the slick side down on your bed or other favored playground, and enjoy. Knowing that you’re not going to mess up your bedding allows for more freedom, especially for women that ejaculate a lot. The Liberator Fascinator Throw was made to absorb a lot, then get thrown in the wash for easy clean up. Definitely a favorite of mine!

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